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Romantic Recipes & Menus

Cooking for a date is all about setting the mood with food. What sets the perfect mood for a romantic meal at home? Meatloaf? Not so much. Caviar and Champagne? Just right for a celebration. Looking for a first-dinner-at-my-place recipe? Try something a bit more subtle.




Restaurant Inspired Menus

Special Drinks for a Special Evening

  • Top Secret Recipes: Sodas, Smoothies, Spirits, & Shakes

    Packed with favorite drink recipes from popular restraunts, this book is a must have if you want to serve something more inspired than soda, beer or wine. Non-alcoholic recipes for Red Robin's™ Freckled Lemonade, Starbucks™ Frozen Mocha Frappacino and mixed drinks with a little more kick, like Bennigan's™ Irish Coffee or Chevy's™ Ultimate Orange Margarita, give you a wide range of familiar drink options to complement the food you serve on date night.


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  • Pita Salad (thejoykitchen.com - Online home of Joy of Cooking cookbook)
    Chop all of the vegetables ahead of dinner, but leave the pita out until just before you serve the salad. Asking your guest to add the pita is a great way to get him/her involved.
  • Caramel Drop Coconut Macaroons