Cook For A Date - Romantic Recipes and Menus





Set the Stage for a Romantic Dinner

A romantic dinner at your place is easy to pull off, but not without a bit of planning, and, um, housework.

Take a few minutes early in the week and clean everything, including the fridge, the stove, and the bathrooms. If cleaning is really, really not your thing, or if you're simply not going to have time, hire a maid service for a couple of hours. It's worth every penny in prep for the evening and pays a clean house dividend afterward too.




Spruce up the dining room if you have enough time, actually, you should do this before even considering asking someone over for a date. Be honest, exactly how likely is it that your dining room table is usually holding a computer and the chandelier has 10 or more cobwebs festooning the arms?

HGTV has two easy room makeover ideas for small dining rooms. One, by the 24 Hour Design team, took a small dining room in an older home and turned it from drab to downright romantic. This room had great bones and a fabulous crystal chandelier, which set a slightly more formal tone and allowed the designers use bold colors.

If you have a basic beige apartment, and can't paint, let the walls be a backdrop for a modern table and art like this featured room. White slip covers on the chairs soften the modern lines and pops of red in the place settings add life and movement.

Add a simple flower arrangement from the local florist or pick up a soft bouquet of tulips and daffodils at the grocery store as an added touch. But, put them on a side table or the breakfast bar rather than in the middle of the table where they might block your date's view.

And don't forget your bedroom and bath.

Clean bedding is a must, and new satin sheets are a nice touch if you want the relationship to last more than one night. Stock the night stand with personal protection and a selection of fragrant massage oils like Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual Black Currant Vanilla Massage Oil.

In the bathroom, check the medicine cabinet and clear out any possible reminders of previous relationships. Fresh bath towels and a mold-free shower curtain will make a good impression in the morning. Treat your lover like a pampered guest with personal toiletries, including a razor, soap and shampoo and, hmm, maybe the thoughtfulness will be returned.