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Dress for a Date at Home

Dressing for a date at home is always fun. It might be tempting to "keep it casual" and dress in jeans and a sweat shirt, but remember, this is a date and that means taking more than a few minutes to think about what to wear, both during and after dinner.




During dinner, go for something flattering and just a bit sexy. Set the mood with something touchable like a velvet scarf or silky blouse. Wear swingy earrings that catch the light just enough to be noticible, but not distracting.

If you hope your date will be staying after dinner, plan for that too. Stash the comfy old flannel pjs and pick up something new. Preferably silk, or silky, and again, touchable. Even if you don't expect to wear it very long, it lets him know you value him.